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Safe Restart Agreements

As part of this ongoing cooperation, I am pleased to accept additional federal funding and partner as a full-fledged financial partner in key areas to support critical needs over the next six to eight months through the Safe Restart Agreement, which, including de facto federal spending, will provide more than Ontario`s $7 billion to support front-line health care and municipalities. These investments will help protect public health and safety, prepare for potential future waves of the virus, and continue to support the safe reopening of economies across Canada. Federal-provincial agreement to help Scots affected by COVID and boost the economy: Prime Ministers believe that these funds must be used quickly to protect the health and safety of our citizens and to make a real contribution to the recovery of the economy. In this case, appropriations for all priorities are transferred directly to Ontario pursuant to Section 60.2 (2) b) of the Federal Financial Administration Act. This one-time transfer is in addition to a September transfer for the second tranche of trial funding and is with the exception of the federal Pan-Canadian Sick Leave program and federal operating expenses for testing, contact tracking, data management and PSA. The federal press release is available here: Post-C Canadians were well served by the strong and collaborative efforts of Prime Ministers during the COVID-19 pandemic. All Premiers reaffirm their commitment to this approach while continuing to address their shared priority of the well-being and safety of all Canadians. Canada is also working, through our infrastructure plan, to secure municipal construction, leading to thousands of projects, creating jobs across the country and creating stronger communities. As we enter the fall and the world continues to face the effects of COVID-19, the Canadian government continues to focus on keeping Canadians safe and healthy, while continuing to ensure they have the help they need during this global health and health crisis.




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