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Braintree Data Processing Agreement

We are also re-admitting the payment services agreement to ensure that we comply with the new EU data protection rules regarding how personal data of EU people is collected, processed, transferred and deleted. Customer Data – The personal data that the customer makes available to the dealer and distributor is transmitted to Braintree through the customer`s use of Braintree Payment Services. We have updated the privacy policy to reflect how PayPay shares information with eBay after the two companies split up. We have also made changes that have nothing to do with separation. The new privacy statement can be accessed Traders undertake to PayPal its parent company to compensate, defend and keep affiliates unscathed, executives, directors, representatives, employees and suppliers, employees and suppliers of and against any legal action, liability, loss, penalty or any other cost (including legal fees and defence costs) that they may suffer or suffer as a result of (i) the violation of this agreement or any other agreement that you may accept with PayPal or its suppliers with respect to the use of the Braintree Payment Office; (ii) your use of braintree payment services; (iii) their actions or omissions; and/or iv) your violation of applicable laws, regulations or network rules and requirements. Following the assumption of Hyperwallet by PayPal, Braintree may allow settlement funds to be paid into a Hyperwallet settlement account, if available, and not to the merchant`s bank account, if the merchant so decides. As a result, we have updated the language that describes the payment of processing funds. The termination of Schedule C has no bearing on the validity of other agreements between Braintree and Merchant, including the Braintree Payment Services Agreement EU with respect to the settlement of credit and debit card payments. The RGPD is a fundamental change in the regulation of personal data, so it`s important to understand how this affects your business.

Non-compliance can result in significant fines. 2.5.1. help the distributor perform data protection impact assessments to the extent that the merchant requires it under data protection legislation; and the definition of “customer data” is updated and is now as follows: “Customer data” refers to the personal data that (i) the customer makes available to the merchant and distributor by the merchant`s use of braintree payment services, and (ii) Braintree collects from the customer`s device and browser through the merchant`s use of the payment services braintree. PayPal the requirements of data protection legislation applicable to processers with respect to the use of personal data in accordance with this schedule (including, but not only for the implementation and maintenance of all appropriate security measures regarding the processing of personal data), and must not knowingly do anything or allow to do anything concerning personal data that could lead to a violation of the data protection law by the trader.




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