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Australia Pre Wedding : Jackson + Winki

Pre Wedding Photography + Art direction : Jackal Cheng

Pre Wedding Make up + Styling : Jocelyn Tan

Location: Penny’s Hill, Port Willunga, and City of Adelaide

Winki Pre-Wed-2

Winki Pre-Wed-4

Winki Pre-Wed-17

Winki Pre-Wed-25

Winki Pre-Wed-40

Winki Pre-Wed-43

Winki Pre-Wed-50

Winki Pre-Wed-62

Winki Pre-Wed-71

Winki Pre-Wed-86

Winki Pre-Wed-89

Winki Pre-Wed-98

Winki Pre-Wed-107

Winki Pre-Wed-133

Winki Pre-Wed-138

Winki Pre-Wed-142

Winki Pre-Wed-151

Winki Pre-Wed-176

Winki Pre-Wed-177

Winki Pre-Wed-194

Winki Pre-Wed-221

Winki Pre-Wed-225

Winki Pre-Wed-233

Winki Pre-Wed-235

Winki Pre-Wed-238

Winki Pre-Wed-239

Winki Pre-Wed-245

Winki Pre-Wed-247

Winki Pre-Wed-259

Winki Pre-Wed-267

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