The Doctors’ House Wedding: Yew Ping & Chyi Chyi 1

Malaysia Wedding Photographer : Jackal Cheng

Malaysia Wedding Videographer : LoveBirds

Wedding Location : Menara Kuala Lumpur (KL Tower), Malaysia


Yew Ping + Chyi Chyi’s first date in university quite a few years ago. They’re not exactly sure how they started at the time.

Yew Ping found Chyi Chyi to be mysterious and quiet, and wanted to figure out what she was all about.

On June 1, 2013 they tied the knot.

Yew Ping + Chyi Chyi were married at Kuala Lumpur. They had awesome weather, and the day was flawless.

Congrats Yew Ping + Chyi Chyi. Thank you for choosing us to be there to tell the story of your day!

Enjoy the pics!

Actual Day-394

Actual Day-4

Actual Day-6

Actual Day-60

Actual Day-45

Actual Day-375

Actual Day-356

Actual Day-359

Actual Day-370

Actual Day-202

Actual Day-205

Actual Day-316

Actual Day-312

Actual Day-366

Actual Day-368

Actual Day-397

Actual Day-373

Actual Day-371

And then… there was their reception at KL Tower. We had some great shots on the peak of the city.

Menara KL (12 of 210)

Menara KL (3 of 210)

Menara KL (6 of 210)

Menara KL (72 of 210)

Menara KL (106 of 210)

Finally… here is their slideshow to end. Just press to play.. there’s bunch of other images and funny moments in the slides.

YEW PING + CHYI CHYI [actual day SDE] from jackal cheng on Vimeo.


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